New Track Marked, Racing this Sunday

Last Sunday saw members of the Western Flames mark out the new permanent track before training. This will save much time before each session where we were marking a rough track with a string line and chisel.
It also provides us with an accurate 111.12m standard track to record times and compare with other skaters around the world. Hopefully we will get time over the coming weeks to mark multiple tracks during our training sessions.

This Sunday (29th May) will see the Western Flames Ice Racing Club’s first time trial and racing morning since commencing in February.

Each skater will compete in a grading 1 lap flying lap time trial before racing in structured race formats and compare them to times later in the year.

The session will start 8:15am with racing starting at 8:30am after a warm-up. Help will be required for tasks such as timing and lap-counting. All members need to be there by 7:45am to help with setup and for the off-ice warm-up.

There is free entry for any spectators who would like to come and watch the racing. See you all Sunday.

About Frank A.

An Australian masters speed skater whose passion for ice sports can not be dulled! Join the ride through the Master years with me.
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