Try Ice Speed Skating this Weekend for FREE – In PERTH

Come and try ice speed skating this weekend at Bibra Lake!

Have you been to a public skating session or skate school before? Have you ever wondered about speed skating or thought about trying it? Did you watch the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and thought ‘that looks cool’?kids skating

Well, you can try it for FREE for four weeks with absolutely no outlay at all! That’s right, not one single cent to spend, no gimmicks, just come and try our great sport and see if you like it.

All you need is some long pants (like tracksuit pants), a long sleeve top or jacket, a bicycle helmet and a pair of gloves (we do have spares, but it is always nice to have your own). A pair of socks that completely cover your ankles are also recommended.

We train every Sunday morning between 7am and 8:30am at Cockburn Ice Arena, Bibra Lake and we welcome new skaters almost every weekend (except if it is a race day or we are away competing – be sure to contact us first).

We are a friendly club and we don’t put any pressure on new skaters – just come and try and see if you like it. Our coaches volunteer their time and there are no associated coaching fees to pay.

Come and try this Sunday, but please give us a call or an email to let us know you want to come and try and we will try and have a pair of speed skates to fit you.

Come on! What have you got to lose?

Contact Details Page: CONTACT US

About Frank A.

An Australian masters speed skater whose passion for ice sports can not be dulled! Join the ride through the Master years with me.
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