WA Skaters at 2012 Nationals

Seven WA skaters from the Western Flames IRC have journeyed to Sydney for this weekend’s 2012 Australian Open Ice Racing Championships, to be held at Canterbury Ice Rink.

Good luck to Ethan, Carys, Ashley, Chanel, Ryan, Mark and Frank for their races that start Friday morning.

There will be no ice training in Perth until Sunday 14 October, when everyone will be back on the ice.

Club racing will be held on 21 October, and the State Championships will be on the 17 and 18 November. The announcement for states will be out very shortly, and we encourage all levels to enter (there will be a novice division).

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About Frank A.

An Australian masters speed skater whose passion for ice sports can not be dulled! Join the ride through the Master years with me.
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1 Response to WA Skaters at 2012 Nationals

  1. Herbie says:

    well come to Sydney and best of luck to all WA skaters.

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