2012 Duke Trophy Results

WA has contested their second ever Duke Trophy event in Brisbane this weekend. Last year, six skaters travelled to Sydney to contest the same event and walked away with 989 points, finishing in fourth place.

This year the team, with 8 skater managed to accumulate 1394 points with some good wins from Mark Chong and Frank Anderson.

The other six skaters managed to gain some podium finishes with second and third placings.

The greatest achievement was that every skater (except Old Man Frank) achieved new personal best times. Most skaters absolutely smashed their best times, with skaters like Ashley and Thomas taking almost 10 seconds off some distances.

The Duke Trophy is a great development event for WA and we hope that within 2-3 years we will be within the top 3 rankings of the event, but we have some work ahead of us to keep up our development.

Congratulations to all our skaters – we are proud of you. We will have some photos up soon.


NSW – 3701
VIC – 3458
QLD – 3357
WA – 1394

About Frank A.

An Australian masters speed skater whose passion for ice sports can not be dulled! Join the ride through the Master years with me.
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2 Responses to 2012 Duke Trophy Results

  1. Herbie says:

    Welldone WA great work, good to see the skaters have improved since I saw them last.
    Keep up the good
    work, hope to see all at Nationals in Sydney.

    • Two National records to WA on the weekend, plus several kids taking double figures off their PB’s. Thanks for hosting the event QLD, and thanks for your ongoing support HERBIE.

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