Try for FREE!

The Western Flames Ice Racing Club offers four weeks free to come and try the sport of short track speed skating. No strings attached!

Q: ‘What do I need to try?”
A: You need to wear long sleeves and long pants. Tight-fitting track pants or skins with tight-fitting long sleeves are best. You will also need to bring a bicycle helmet or skate helmet and a pair of full-finger gloves.
We do have a small amount of spare equipment but it is best to bring your own gloves and helmet for health reasons.
Also, make sure you bring two pairs of sports socks – one thick pair and one thin pair that cover the ankles. This helps with the fitting of the skates.
Equipment for short track

Q: ‘What about skates? Do I need to have my own?’
A: No, you don’t need your own skates – yet. We have a limited amount of speed skating boots and we try and get you into speed skates at your very first session. If we don’t have a pair of boots in your size, we will get you into a pair of standard hire hockey or figure skates (we rarely need to do this). If you decide to continue to skate with us, we will guide you with the best advice in purchasing your own equipment which is highly recommended. We occasionally have second-hand equipment for sale at reduced prices.

Q: ‘It looks like it might be a dangerous sport. Are there many injuries in short track speed skating?’
A: We are very safety conscious at WAISSA and the WFIRC and we take the safety of everyone very seriously. Anyone that comes onto the field of play (on the ice) must wear a helmet, even the coach. Other safety equipment that we wear includes gloves, neck guards, knee pads and clear glasses (optional). We also have very strict rules and etiquette for on-ice activities that are in place to prevent injuries and to protect all skaters. Unfortunately, like any sport, there is always a slim chance of suffering an injury but we take all possible steps to prevent this from happening. We also have crash pads on the exit of each corner to greatly soften any fall in the corner. Members of the club are insured by Australian Ice Racing insurance for all training and racing activities.

Q: ‘How long will it take for me to be able to race other people?’
A: We try and have you racing at our club racing events within 6-weeks of commencing. During our training sessions, sometimes the coach will introduce ad-hoc races into the training program to encourage new skaters to build up their confidence in racing on the same track as other skaters.

Q: ‘Can I skate in the Olympic Games?’
A: The Western Flames IRC is affiliated with the WA Ice Speed Skating Association and Australian Ice Racing which is affiliated with the International Skating Union. What this means is that as a member of our club, with the right training, commitment and results, any member of our club is eligible to be selected into an Australian Ice Racing team, including the Olympic Winter Games. How hard you train will be up to you. Obviously, some age restrictions apply.

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